Mustek MDC500 5.0MP Digital Camera



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 Mustek MDC500 5.0MP Digital Camera
condition: New

$39.99 + $5 shipping


not bad… great price… never thought it could be this easy… still got useful linkage w/ comparison links though… anything’s possible kiddies…


Well, my daughter has been looking for a new toy camera…


No podcast on Sellout.Woot


Nice try… If i knew who mustek was… i might consider ;-).


Think i’m in because woot! didn’t try to pass it off as a 7.0 Megapixels Resolution cam.


Then what have I been listening to, night after night. I really the ones on weekends. Those rock.


I’ve heard of Cannon, Fuji, Kodak. Mustek? Anyone heard of this brand?


Where are you going to get a 5MP camera for $40!

Worth a shot. In for 1


Hmm Even at $45 I don’t think you’re getting much bang for your buck. With this feature-set you’re better off just borrowing a camera from someone else.


Nope, and that is why I Stan “d Clear of the” Doerr


I got this camera from woot about 6 months ago and it didn’t work well at all. I think that it was a refurbed one, and this is new so maybe it won’t suck. The one I got would reformat the memory card every third time you turned the camera off. Mustek is better at scanners than cameras.


Digital zoom and interpolation yuck no thanks


An old company. I have only used there slow scanners many many moons ago.

But still it’s 7.0 Megapixels Resolution Interpolated. And woot! didn’t try to pass it off as a 7MP. Purchase for trust.


hmmmm tempting.

I was in an auto accidently and had to use the expired 5 years ago disposable camera I had in the glove compartment. (I only use my phones as phone so the cam sucks there plus transfering won’t be transparent on it) Tho the pictures came out just fine, I was just thinking how useful it would’ve been if I had my camera with me. At this price, it is perfectly acceptable to dump it in there and forget about it…

While waiting in line at the local drugstore to get my film developed, I purchased 2 more disposable cams (which were like $10 + already… and the hassel of having film developed isn’t worth it when I could’ve uploaded the pics from a digi cam and have it shipped to me.


Fixed Focus? no thanks.


Watch out. The last Mustek products available on Sellout.Woot were filled with DOA products. I would not even buy one for $0.01 after my last experience.


0.18 pounds = 81.6466266 grams

weight seems to be incorrect or uber light. or both.

i’ll woot if its really 80 grams, or 0.8g as stated in the details…

one penny weighs 2.5 g…


45 dollar camera, checked the reviews on amazon pretty good except they’re selling it for 90ish dollars plus amazon’s god awful slow shipping. Count me in for 1