Mustek PowerMust 600 Plus Uninterruptible Power Supply



Receptacles: 3 output ? Bah
I’ll stick with APC.


if only it were an apc


I thought it was an electric pencil sharpener at first glance.


Not bad but who has a serial port anymore.


will this thing power most computers and for how long?


A UPS Is for your computer when the power goes out, your computer stays running.

Great deal on it if it works well.


Wow, a UPS for under ten bucks. I do not use one for my home computer but for this price I just might get one.


is this just a surge protector.
there is a battery inside? how long does that last? is it worth for the battery alone?


Mustek???.. no thanks woot


Was going to get one until I remembered that my PSU is 480 W.


Hahah, me too.

Good price as usual.


In for 3… If you need a serial, get a USB to Serial or a serial card… For this price who is arguing. GREAT WOOT.


Still a good deal even w/o a data connection to a PC…if you have regular problems w/ flickering power or extremely short outages.


MUSTEK always has been, is not, and ever shall be a CRAPPY BRAND… don’t ever ever ever buy anything from mustek. you will regret it. noisy, malfunctioning, eventual (sooner than you’d think) paperweight.


err wtf it put more order in then said it was sold out and invalid.


fastest sell out award?


“RS-232 Communication Port”

Pretty old definitely. I don’t even have serial port anymore, but decent price for those with older computers. Those things are heavy, so price is fair. AVR is a plus.


Dang it!!! They’re gone already.