Mustek PVR-A1 Personal Media Center



so this doesnt have a hard drive/ internal memory?
Amazon has it for 78, says list price is $300
and it might only take up to 512 MB or 1 GB sd card (which you have to use, because there IS no internal memory), according to amazon


32 mb of memory? think of the tens and tens of songs I can put on this!


32 MB of space? – the only problem is I could never envision myself using all of that. I guess I could add a THIRD song but that seems unnecessary. I mean, who goes out for more than 6 or 7 minutes at a time?


Sellout Woot Checker - Price Grabber, Amazon, Froogle. All here. =)

Track Woot Checker - Price Grabber, Amazon, Froogle. All here. =)


The player uses SD Memory Card.



Yahoo 404… I love it


Looks like an extra SD/MMC card is a must. Not a big deal since they are cheap.

Anyone use one of these?


and according to epinions, 1 GB has worked on the media player. Can’t say too much about anything higher.


And right there on the Yahoo! shopping homepage, too. Way to stick it to the man, woot!


is this like the iPod Video killah?


I dont know we have this guy at work who listens to the same 2 songs loudly, over and over all day long… The main reason I bought a 4G so I wouldnt have to hear his phyco music anymore.

Ill have to pass on this one.


I’m sorry to say this but… WOOT WANTS TO CRASH THE YAHOO! SERVERS!!!

the proof is in the picture… yahoo! 404, thats right the page error 404

HTTP 404 - File not found <–this is the true woot goal!!!


I bought the 1gb samsung mp3 player from Woot! last week…but I did want a video player…


decent reviews on amazon, but this thing is very, very old and kinda ugly. It’s a really good price though.


An empty unit not even a decent gift. Couldn’t give for a stocking suffer + an oem SD card from woot! in a bag.

Could easily get a 4 gig 2.2 screen with many other features for 10 more.

Will wait till tomorrow.


LOL, I was just looking at the amazon page, and look at what is listed for dimensions:

96 x 77 x 20 inches ; 9,999 pounds


Dude - it’s hardware, not jewlery. Screw pretty.


Really? I’m gift shopping; what and where?


Check out some insignias from woot!

ppl are selling them as low as 30 USD on fleabay. I still have mine for jogging, And videos while I take a break.