My 80s Friends

OK I’m going to need a key here. I’m more of a 70s kid and 80s teen (born in 1970). I got maybe half of them and my wife (3 years younger) got a few more.

Amazing!! I see Dale in there, but seem to be missing some Ducktales :wink:

I can spot most of them.
From Left to right, bottom to top
Fraggle (Red Fraggle)
Rainbow Brite
Astro Boy
Alvin & the Chipmunks
? Maybe Elliot from Pete’s Dragon?
Dennis the Menace
Gummi Bears (Tummi)
GI Joe (Cobra Commander)
Care Bears (Sunshine)
Muppets (Kermit)
Chip & Dale (Dale)
? I think it’s Slimer eating Dale.
My Little Pony (looks like Fluer but that’s a hot dog mark)
Thunder Cats (Lion-O)
My Pet Monster
Transformers (Bumblebee)

Very much missing Duck Tales, Pandamonium, MASK, Go Bots etc.

Almost forgot Heathcliff and Tom & Jerry.

From Top to Bottom going Left to Right:

Astro Boy
Rainbow Brite
Fraggle Rock
Alvin and the Chipmunks

?..? I thought Elliot from Pete’s Dragon but it’s got tail fins and moose ears??

Jem and the Holograms
Dennis the Menace

Gummi Bears

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

The Real Ghostbusters
(eating) Chip ‘N’ Dale
Muppet Babies
The Care bears

My Little Pony
My Pet Monster

The Dragon thing is from The Wuzzles. Moosel to be exact.[img]

Wasn’t Dennis the Menace from the 60’s? Or possibly 50’s?

Great win DoOom! Congrats (again)!

the live action TV show was 1959. But there was also the Dennis the Menace cartoon in 1986.

I was having the same problem. I can remember watching quite a number of those programs when I was a kid in the 60s.

Heck, Astro Boy goes back to 1963. Of course, it was in B&W (or was that only because we had a B&W TV?).

Wish Woot allowed for a few different background colors for the shirt, or you know, not red…

+1, this is a great design and I’d buy in a second if I could get it on most other colors.

AstroBoy had a color remake in 1980 or 81. Both were based on the same source material, but I don’t think the cartoons are directly related to each other.

It would be awesome if they never made another red shirt again! Very few people can actually pull off red. And black is great, except in the summer.

The Dennis the Menace newspaper comic started in 1951, first appearing in animation in the 80s but possibly better known for the live action sitcom of the 50s-60s. The original Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom) manga started in 1952, first appearing in animation in the 60s. Alvin and the Chipmunks are from 1958, first appearing in animation in the 60s.

Kermit the Frog is from 1955, though the Muppet Babies incarnation shown here is from the 80s. Chip and Dale are from 1943, but the Rescue Rangers incarnation is 80s.

The rest of them there, as far as I know, actually got their start in the 80s, though most of them have been since rebooted at least once and could be similarly claimed by children of latter decades.

Interesting choice of She-Ra and Cringer to represent the He-Man franchise. I don’t disapprove.

he was but he had a cartoon in the 80s too.

There were soooo many other shows and characters I could have included, but it was getting pretty busy :slight_smile:

So much obscure stuff too, anyone remember Pirates of Dark Water? I feel like that was just me??

Yes! Pirates of Dark Water was amazing! And made-up swear words on Saturday morning, years before Farscape and the Battlestar Galactica reboot! A shame they didn’t get a second season to finish the story up. Let’s see, it’s from… 1991.

Okay, now who remembers ReBoot, from the guys who went on to do Transformers Beast Wars?

never mind