My 90s Friends

I want this shirt… but not in red. I don’t look good in red.

But if it comes out as a wall hanging, it’s mine!


OK, I got most of these with only one quick brain-fart…but what is the black cat at the bottom from?!

I love how derpy Blossom looks.

Luna from Sailor Moon

Exactly : )

Maybe it’ll come out on another color in a Remix sale.

Oh and I had forgotten all about Darkwing Duck! Good ol’ days.

I’m going to be watching a lot of old dvds now.

So many great cartoon memories…congrats DoOomcat!

How I learned my state capitols- [youtube=wCieT1dQWlo][/youtube]


Wanted it until I saw Spongebob. May of '99 is only technically 90s, also I hate Spongebob.

I prefer to think of it as The Brain sitting on a dead Spongebob, basically showing superiority.


And the big question of the day: Who’s your favorite?


No Duckman?

Luna from Sailor Moon.

I was partial to Pinky; I liked to think his blunders were really a sophisticated way to undermine Brain and thus save the world on a consistent basis :slight_smile:

Plus he was more fun to draw.

Aaahh!!! Real Monsters is a nice pull. Glad to see Rocko and Rugrats, but no Doug!?!