My apologies


I been busy.

Lately I have just been having a hella good time with life. On the nice days I get out on two wheels and head to the countryside, and see amazing things like huge hawks flying ten feet over my head, or amazing country that I didn’t know existed. I’ve sampled little food spots, and just relished many different styles of cooking, a poor mexican hood near me has a store that sells the most amazing sammich.

My dog is fantastic, the neighbors love him, and the 9 year old kid is starting to learn dog training and walking from me. I like it, the dog likes it, and this kid is just full of pride doing it.

I have great friends, time to do what I want, have my own home, a fantastic fire in the stove right now, and a fish tank I need to clean.

Life is good, and I’m living it. I’m really sorry I haven’t been around.Maybe this winter will slow me down some, but I have to stress this, if everything in your life was going good, would you go back to who you were, or stay who you are?

I get it now. It took a long time, but I finally figured out the secret.

Enjoy who you are, and what you’re doing, Not who you should be, and what you should do. Don’t keep up with the Joneses, get what you like, and the joneses might be looking at you. And LIVE… Go Outside the comfort zone… Learn to ride a motorcycle… Spend a day on a beach with a book… Buy an outdoor fireplace and stay warm by it in the night.


(there, I posted “d” , I’ll be back when the snows a few feet deep outside, and I’m naked in my living room enjoying the sauna my wood stove brings, and drinking some micro brew that panders to the taste buds and compliments the Honey Crunch apple that I’m addicted to)



HI !!!

That is great to hear! Take you camera and post a few pictures of the stuff you find.
You may be the only one to leave because you found yourself.

Still the moms want to know you are OK.
We worry.

Give the dog a dog biscuit from me!


Hello DM! Haven’t seen you in a while. Good to hear you are having a good time.


Life can be really nice when you slow down and stop accumulating and just living.

What kind of sammich?


Some sort of beef, cilantro, cheese, onion, tomato, sauce thing on a bun.

It falls apart when you try to eat it. Not Spicy, but definitely old world type flavor.

It’s not tex mex, or America’s Mexican food.


Hmmmm… sounds like tasty ingredients. I bet my husband would love that. He used to travel back and forth across America every 6 weeks (on 4 wheels, not 2 or 18). He misses that and would agree with you on everything you said about your traveling. Enjoy every minute while you can. :slight_smile:


wow, profound words indeed!


I. I need a new camera, mine got sticky somehow from being in my coat - I think some gasket broke in it.

  1. Spirit does not get dog biscuits. He gets meat based treats like Shaved and dried chicken or rabbit. On rare occaisions he gets frosty paws, and I will definitly give him a frosty paws from you.

And 3. I don’t know if I “found myself” - but what I did do was switch from being chronically down, to devoted to being me. I’ve never been happier. And I definitely do not want to give that up for anything. :slight_smile: 9 thousand miles on two wheels just going down roads I never saw before, and for no reason. It’s amazing. Truely amazing that I could of spent this many decades not seeing what I was missing.


re :
definitely Useless posts. Please delete!

do as in do
not as in not
want as in want

C’mon woot - your noise buffers are pert damn near idiotic in this part of the board.

Just add an If - then and exclude the parts of the board not being spammed by the children in the today’s woot area…


Yeah, some of the filters are stupid. :meh:


nice to see an old-timer stop by.
//sets fire to your living room. ;^)


DM: so glad to hear from you and to hear that you are happy and contented.
You have achieved what I am striving for.
I wish you the best… please keep in touch!

PS: please don’t set fire to me!!



Boy, Josephus, I can’t wait to see where your shirt comes in! That is a great design for Halloween.


I hope it prints out well.

Well, DM, just be glad you found it. Some people never do!

Oh, if I ever meet Spirit…you better watch me, cause I’m going to slip him a dog biscuit. Oh heck, I’ll give him some vanilla ice cream! Then I’ll have a friend for life!


To recycle badly a corny line - Do not strive - just do …

Tomorrow, the only one who is critical about you that you should listen to is you.

You know what needs to get done, you know who you can count on.

So do it. Tell everyone else to piss off if they complain. As long as you can do what you need to do, and count on yourself to get it done, any other benefits are golden.


Spirit knows “leave it”

I also found out Spirit is part wolf from a local wolf owner.

So breaking him from training might not be such a good idea. Wolves make great dogs, as long as they think they are dogs :slight_smile:




Dogs think they’re wolves too, so it evens out.

though my blue-tick hound thinks he needs to eat pretty much at all times. and he’ll eat anything that smells at all foodish that he can get in his mouth.


If it won’t print out well they won’t print it, I think. so I hope it does too.


Meh, my dogs eat poop.
I have to keep them away from Kitty’s litter box.
How gross is that?