My BOC was canceled!?!?!?

Now, I know I have bad luck in general. Spammed my F5 clicked on BOC the second it came up. Then I sat patiently in the VOP, then to order screen, then clicked purchase, then got an order confirmation number, then all of a sudden it said my order was canceled!!!.. This happen to anyone else?

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Be more like the entire orchestra …

Woot can’t afford an entire orchestra after selling 17 cent shirts this week.


Never say never, All Bezos has to do is purchase Fivver next. Then…BAM!!!

Yup. It happens. But at least there’s more chances today to get another one.

C’mon Pep, you gotta know Mr. Woot himself being a Mod! What you want? my first child? Sold!!! I can always make another one! My Polar pop cup filled 27% of pepsi and melted ice? C’mon I’m certain we can work something out!!!

It happens to all of us.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

And no, no thanks to kids. You should probably keep that lol.

I’ve got some Mt.Dew water in a taco bell cup for tonight’s festivities.

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Alas Mr. Pepper, I finally got one!!! whew, I’m sending my child with half cup of ice melted pepsi your way. Thank you for reaching out o Mr. Woot, Tell him thanx for me!


Congrats! I hope you get a good one!


Thanks for the help mister


It’s the new outfit.