My Everest



I swear I saw the guys on Epic Meal Time make something just like this once.


That’s the illegitimate love child of Steve Zissou and Anthony Bourdain.


Such an excellent use of texture. I can almost taste the pink slime!


Quite a burger, colors make for an interesting exploration of layers with breaks for questions like: is that a fried egg? Looks like an ideal late night snack when you need calories to get through a cold one.


One layer looks like cookie dough…

Fat man, at least you’ll die happy after eating this.


At least this shirt I understand.


I think i am going to try to actually MAKE this burger. And then i will take a picture. And then i will not be able to upload it. And then i will somehow get that picture to CowboyDann and he will upload it for me.

Oh, crap. It’s Yom Kippur, and I probably won’t be able to do this before this is gone.



Oh, and this shirt on Yom Kippur and Hydration packs on sport!.

Well Played, Woot!. Well Played.

(maybe it’s time for you to atone???)


bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips bacon strips…



Let me know how i can help :tongue:


I’m already hungry. Oy.


I am glad this comes in a 3XL!


Anyone else reminded of that classic game Burger Time?


I am now reminded of the time woot posted a link to a site where you can play the game. Then the guy hosting the game got really mad and changed the link to pornography


It’s got cheese on it, so it’s not kosher anyway. We couldn’t eat this unless you used tofu or some other nonfood tasting imitation crap… LOL


maybe it’s a soy cheese? and turkey bacon???


well at least that “hiker” on top is pudgy. Quite appropriate.


This shirt should only come in sizes XL and up.