My Eyes Are Up Here

Best and funniest new shirt I have seen in a long time. I’m in for 1.

Yeah, seriously, what are YOU staring at?!

Supposing it retracts its eyes… then what?

Hey look, it’s me!

Very eye catching design. :slight_smile:

Well, when Snaily wears a provocative hat like that, I can’t help but look at it.

This sure beats yesterday’s two, hands down.

I never realized snails could be so sensuous.

ha! love the apelad humor. plus, that snail be stylin’

I’d say it beats yesterday’s two eyes up!

Words cannot express how much I love this.

Thanks for the kind words!
Don’t wash this in salt water!

Heck yes!

I’m not easily amused and you can’t prove it.

best shirt.woot in months

bewbs. that is all.

Nice work Apelad. It feel like a while since I let out a good laugh from a woot shirt, or saw one that was both creative and original (i.e. not a pop culture mash up.) I might nab this one if I can manage the funds.

It’s rare that I jump on a shirt without thought, given how freaking undulated I am with excellent t-shirts (many of which are thanks to Woot), but this one…

This is gold- And I like how I want him to be a trucker snail… a sensitive trucker snail…