My First Bandolier of Carrots


This last woot off was the first time I was fast enough to get on the BOC. All the stories about the excitement of them is true. Especially when you start seeing what other people get in there BOC. My experience came with a little twist.

Since I’m in texas it doesn’t take long for order to be recieved, with 48 for being shipped. Well this was the first order something went wrong. I waited all saturday until a little after 11pm for it to get here. Status kept saying “out for delivery”. Then I looked again at 11:30pm on the status. It said delivered. No doorbell rung or anything but I went to the front door and look all around. Nothing is there. I email Woot to let them know what happening, again very nice people. But they couldn’t replace it since it was a BOC, so they ask for my order and trakking #. After I got off work tuesday there was a huge box on my porch. Seems as though fedex had some mess up and corrected it. I almost lost out of my first BOC all thanks to fedex screw up.

The excitement alone was worth the BOC.


A lot of fun, isn’t it? What’d you get?


Tag questions sound funny, don’t they?


no kidding I want to see some pictures. I think somebody got a home pregnancy test once. Maybe you got some quality product like that.


I got:
-some wierd logitech connection thing
-a girly hole puncher
-that targus carrying bag

My first BOC as a good one. Except I wasn’t expecting to have to go through all that extra crap.


Wow, you got a Roomba. Pretty good. I was kind of hoping for a Scooba, but just got crap. Hope I snag one the next time, too.


My first and last BOC was this Spring and I got the home pregnancy test! :stuck_out_tongue:


What the heck? Just a drive by posting? We need information!!!


Never got one outright; one came w/ the big screen, though.