My First Wootday


Hey guys,
A week ago, I had my first wootday! One year of fun, thanks guys!


heh, congrats, Rev!!
Mine was last Dec, but we didn’t celebrate it.
Whatcha up to these days?


I could have sworn you’d been here longer than that.


boy, I thought the same thing.
Like a charter member.


I know, it does seem longer, I guess my lurking spirit had a presence like that.

I’m not up to much, enjoying some rest right now, I’m on vacation, free wifi, thought I’d check in!


woo hoo!! enjoy, and stop being such a stranger!!


I hope it’s warm and you’re sipping something tropical.


I PM’d you several weeks ago, did you get it?


Just got it! Thanks!
Tell mydog, I’ll preform it for free!


Rum and coke… but still warm!


That’ll do. Three more months till vacation. sigh


As opposed to it’s tropical and you’re sipping something warm? Yea, that does sound better.