My Hero

Looks like somebody’s ready for the weekly poker game!

From the look on this pup’s eyes I’d reckon he’s been digging into his own wares.

Very nice design!

I don’t know, woot. If you keep exposing these poor dogs to bad influences they’re going to develop drinking problems, and nobody wants that. :frowning:

Brings new meaning to “dying with dignity.” I’d happily go with a martini in hand.

Of course, alcohol dilates your blood vessels, decreasing core temperature and leading to a quicker death when out in the cold.

This is basically what the movie “Balto” was about, right?

Yes, but if you’re gonna die anyway, might as well have a good drink while it happens.

I bet it glows in low light, like the glare of the sun off snow.

I’ll take a martini with a twist of lemon and a generous topping of slobber…


goes off to make her own gin martini

Ah, man’s best friends.

Roll over, Beerthoven?

No olives?

This shirt is perfect for your favorite booze hound.


I’ll just take the scotch, thanks. I don’t meddle with my liquor.

They did this myth on MythBusters.
Conclusion: MYTH BUSTED!

I say the words “Happy Hour” and I went OMFGWTFBBQ but was quickly disappointed when I read it more carefully.

Are you sure all that drunken shouting won’t cause avalanches?

No room for the barrel of brandy?

The history of St. Bernard dogs

AHEM! They expose dogs AND people to other saintly spirits, like those on wine.woot.