My Kryptonite

Those should read “A Product of LexCorp” on the side.

Those bullets look a lot like lipstick containers. Hmm…

As John Mayer once said, “I am invincible as long as I’m alive.”

I do find it interesting this tee didn’t premiere last night during Woot’s Wootquest: Bullets Over Crimeville

Big Up McAllen!

Don’t wear this shirt: over a Kevlar vest.

Officer Palumbo: “Bullets - my only weakness! How did you know?”

The shirt title totally made me think of

This Song.

The bullets look like gnawed tree stumps to me.

It’s nice to see a comic book refernece pop up here on woot. Superman deserves more play here.

If you painted the bullets yellow, they would also work on the Green Lantern.

Does this shirt go over the costume or under it?

Credit to Hector Mansilla-- even though “kryptonite bullets” are fictional, I could tell that’s exactly what they were in the design right away.

I prefer this song

What if Kryptonite is your Kryptonite? Won’t anyone think of the Kryptonian shirt buyers? Why do they always have to suffer in silence? >=[

Thank god woot, this is the first wearable shirt I’ve seen in months. In for one!

Authentic bathroom graffiti that was so awesome, I STILL remember it:

“All we are is bullets.

Yea, there’s a woot-off!!! %15 off reckoning tees tomorrow!

Why would you want to display to everyone your one weakness?