My Lucky Day

looks like a bad day for reptar.

Reptar would regurgitate this and still need an antacid.

He won’t be so lucky when he lands and his insubstantial lower limbs are destroyed in a sudden rush of gravity.

Have a penny, leave a penny. Need a penny, make peace with your god.

Turn this shirt into a movie! It will surely make more money than Avatar.

nothing like finding a gold coin when it’s the end of the world (note sarcasm)

that kid has skinnier legs than Mike “The Situation”

Is that a person about to drown in the water? Hmm, I prefer my shirts without dying people on them.

I literally laughed out loud at “asphaltident”…

Great design! Love the fact that it kind of looks like the wave on the top left of his head is a hidden horn.

Can’t stop thinking of the pepto commercial, though…

There just isn’t enough color in this shirt. It’s all gray with a little (tiny) bit of red and then the little gold coin. Way too colorless for my taste.

oh goodie, now we get to hear more about how ramyb shouldn’t ever win a derby blah blah blah…I love your designs Ramy!

Wow. I JUST NOW looked at the actual mock of this shirt. IT IS RIDICULOUSLY TINY!

Did anyone look at this shirt when they voted on it and realize how minuscule it would be printed? Did everyone who voted see it? Because if so, we really shouldn’t count those peoples votes anymore

I thought the chest arm was going to get fixed?

I think this was the least terrible of the ramyb designs so it’s a partial victory at least.

I mean its not terrible, but its not good. I can see the appeal for some people but for me there is basically negative appeal.

Our 9 y/o has been hooked on the ‘lucky’ penny kick since he picked up a penny tails up and he lost their playoff basketball game and he thought it was his fault. I am going to have to pick up one of these.

good god that is an ugly shirt. and yeah like you said adder-wayyyyyy too small.

At least the flash flood will put out the laser-induced flames.

while the D20 design is certainly worlds better than most of the other likely to print designs, the concept of “nerd cred” is one of those “oxymoron” things you might have heard so much about. Like Jumbo Shrimp. Cred just doesn’t seem like a thing ANY nerds have, by definition.

A: It’s a penny
B: That’s the whole point of the shirt. Thanks for explaining it to us.