My new rc helicopter toy


After couple months of learning and flying a radio controlled helicopter (posted here for opinion before), I finally can fly the helicopter very well now. And I got my new 3D advanced rc helicopter - did some modification and upgrade by myself(I have a picture posted here).


Post a picture here of it flying.




So, does it have a camera on it that feeds back to the remote so you can fly it without seeing it and spy on people and stuff like that? I would want one that did that.


What he said, except also with a remote-controlled harpoon gun.


Umm, I serioulsey doubt you could do that, the recoil would f*** it’s flight all up.


I’m sure a low-recoil harpoon gun could be made. Just simultaneously shoot some mass out the back end to conserve momentum.


Oh, yeah balencing that would be easy as pie.

Edit: If it is low recoil it won’t go far and it will have little peircing power.


Piece of cake.


so, what would you do when the haarpoon hit something, assumeing you could get it to work. Do you think the choper could lift a squrell or a baby seal?


I wouldn’t use an RC copter to kill animals remotely. It’s much more satisfying to club baby seals in person.

I was thinking more along the lines of harpooning some eyeballs.


I don’t think that it would have enough lift to pull an eyball out of it’s socket, besides they would grab the string and pull the toy down.


How much lift would it take? Cite references.

Some people may try to grab the string. However, I suspect many would simply try to run away.


If they run away then they would most likley turn and run away from the copter which would result in the harpoon pulling the eyball to the side, not out, which would for shure pull it down.


The twisting motion might help shear the eyeball from its muscles.


Ask never answers my questions…


Fine, I’m going to ask people what they would do in that situation.


If only we could consult a physiologist.


//takes qwerty and Fens heads and knocks them together for the direction they took the thread
makes a satisfying thunk noise…


Just like clubbing a baby seal.