Well, he’s more like a friend but whatever. Im sure your wondering, “WTF what is this guy talking about?!?!” well let me explain sheesh! I was reading a book on the couch and this fly kept on landing on me. I kept on trying to smack it but then I thought of my Theater teacher, apparently she talks to bugs as well as animals. (all actors are weird, even me. deal with it) So i thought id give it a try, “hey fly, can you leave me for two seconds? im trying to read and your annoying.” It worked! for about 10 seconds. then he kept on landing on me and i started to realize that unlike most flys he doesnt freak out when i go near him! I tested this theory by placing my hand by him. He goes on it most of the time but sometimes he’ll go on then fly off. He’s really cool and my little brother decided that his name should be Fluboot. Well thats how I spell it anyways. He’s a very giddy fly, and also very small. i think he’s still a little kid because he doesnt know the heart breaking truth about humans and flys, or any other bug that we enjoy crushing, disecting, frying, eating, ect. Anyways i just met him yesterday so were still getting used to each other, please dont put anything random on this thread. But you can put storys about interesting pets you have on here! oh and if someone can draw flys really good then design a shirt for shirt.woot to sell! That would bring much joy to Fluboot’s tiny heart, i have the name and words that should be on the shirt! (P.S this is a true story, no joke.)

You better make sure anyone else who lives in the house knows that this is a pet.

my other brother keeps on trying to kill it (hes too small though) and the last time i told my mom that there was a cool locust in the house she sprayed it with “big and sexy” hair spray

Anyone know where ace is? No reason for asking at all. just curious. You know how much she loves new people. I’ll bet she would love Kilagria.

Thanks man! Shes not a stalker is she…?

snicker and snort

I canz taste… yez?

huh? lol

Some might think so. we like her anyway.

coolio! why is Sniffersir on probation?

THIS WEEKS DURBIE IS PETS! Someone should represent Fluboot for me since i dont have any of that high tech drawing stuff.

someone should represent the puppy cam since i have no creative talent

what, you mean like a pencil?

that never stopped the actual derby winners.

Ooooh, is that bitterness I detect?

no i mean computer digital crap

probably. i’m bitter about everyone and everything, not just the derby.

except for mrs. 1 and miss 1. they are delightful!

do you have an all-in-one printer/copier/scanner? one would probably be handy for schoolwork. once you have the scanner, you can draw stuff on paper and scan it into the computer.

ooo i didnt know i could do that! What i mean though is that when people draw something they put it into their computer and use computer programs to add neat graphics