my-PhotoArt 50x60 Full Color Woven Throw



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1 bex 2 roo…


ANother time waster



I just bought 3 bags of crap, and i have never bought them before…

can someone please give me some ideas on what they put in them?

just maybe someone that has gotten it before, what was in it?



You know how some people say “woot off killer” to every item in a woot off? They obviously hadn’t seen this one yet. Oh my GOD.


provided because pricing information is not repeated once the next woot is posted (not that anyone will ever care about what this one cost - can you say “fugly”?)

my-PhotoArt 50x60 Full Color Woven Throw
$69.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New
product(s): 1 my-PhotoArt 50" x 60" Full-Color Woven Throw Gift Box - DA5060THGB


I would only buy this if the chair was included.


my thoughts exactly


hahah, I don’t know why but that pic made me laugh out loud.

And for you people who have yet to find a woot checker I have one here


should this not be a candidate for worst woot?


I can’t believe I missed the crap.


what the gay?


Wowee zowee.