My Portable Peripherals 4GB USB Drive



pricing for future reference

product(s): 1 My Portable Peripherals 4GB USB Drive
condition: New

$17.99 + $5 shipping


WOW… that’s ugly.


yes! it works with your mac


Not familiar with this brand, but my friend picked up the 4GB excalibur drive last year for $15 off woot.


NOT WORTH IT… GET A USB FLASH DRIVE… mine was … maybe 20… for a 4 gig flashhh drive…


Is this flash memory or a magnetic spinning disk? Looks like it might not be solid-state, would rather have a 4GB stick. No thanks woot.


Good deal for the capacity. Too bad I just bought a 4GB drive a few weeks ago.


isn’t this a flash drive?


Oversized and overpriced. Pass.


same drive diffrent name


it has a hd slower than a flash based one.


Hum, When you cannot find a company by Googling it, is that good or bad.
Don’t think I’ll be wooting tonight.



yes it is a flash drive, scroll down to the bottom of the description


Good luck trying to find reviews on this one. But at least we know its a great deal. I can’t find a decent 4GB USB Drive for less than $30 on the CSEs.


Oversized and overpriced. Pass.


there must be 16 x 256Mb thumb drives inside.


in for 3 woot woot


how small do you need it to be honestly, id rather it was a little bigger, not as easy to lose


Looks huge! What are the dimensions on that thing?