My Portable Peripherals 4GB USB Drive

kinda big (physically) for 4GB, is it not?

anyone know if it works with readyboost?

My Portable Peripherals 4GB USB Drive

$11.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference

It’s big because it’s a microdrive (like ipod), not flash memory.

You would think that would be a lot of weight at the end of that stick… You might over torque that stick! Maybe possible that the usb would bend and break off? Unless it came with an extension usb cord…

Good price though

I was thinkin’ the same thing. A bit big for my tastes but 4Gigs is a lot of space for removable memory.

Everybody always knocks these non-solid-state USB drives, but are they really that bad? I mean, it’s a bit ungainly large, but it’s way cheaper than an equivalent flash drive. How do they compare in speed and reliability?

if you have a microcenter near you, they have a smaller flash drive all day every day for 16 bucks for a 4gb. We don’t have Fry’s around here, but I’d imagine they would have something like it…

How can you tell it’s physically big for its storage space? The size isn’t mentioned on the page. Maybe you remember from a previous offering, but…

So yeah, anyone know the physical size of this thing?

That was my question – if it’s not a flash drive, how does it work?

It’s big because it’s a microdrive

That’s what she said!

You can tell the size because the usb plug is the reference. By the way, it will be significantly slower seeking and writing than flash memory, but for the price it is good.

I have one of these and they are total cr@p. These are not flash, there is a magnetic disk inside it and it writes SSSLLLOOOOWWWWW

you can get a 4GB USB Flash drive here

for almost the same price and this one is actual flash memory that writes very fast… and its made by patriot (major brand memory mfr)

well, we all know what the end of a usb size is. Compare it. dee dee

to slow for readyboost.

Very nice woot. A cow-orker of mine has one of these and it works very well. Gonna grab a couple for me :slight_smile:

Is there a compact flash in this thing?

I think it’s a Microdrive, which is the size and interface of a CF card. I’m buying it for the microdrive; heck, maybe it’ll function as a CF adapter or something.

no, its a very slow writing magnetic disk

DO NOT BUY! Mine broke after less than 10 uses, and not even under heavy usage. This is the second tiny USB HDD drive that has failed on me. Stick with flash memory instead.