My Shiney Hiney

Wait, what’s going on here??? I usually can’t purchase Woot’s joke items.

Is this secretly a BOC?

Let me be the first to assure you- this is a real product. We are actually selling this.

This may be great for the holiday party white elephant for a gag gift under $15. Not sure if anyone would actually want to “steal” it from anyone else or actually use the thing. Isn’t this what wash cloths are for? Also, most people share a shower with family. Would you really want to use it after it’s been used a first time?

This product raises a lot of questions.

No one should be surprised to see this on woot. Have you noticed how often they feature bidets? It’s getting kind of weird, actually.
Maybe a purchaser wasn’t changed often as a baby.

Was this picked up off of a porn site?

How germ-phobic do you have to be to feel the need to clean your “your most intimate personal places” with a scrub brush? Ouch!

This would be perfect for a gift swap…the only problem is keeping your mouth shut for the next 10-1/2 months until you get to give it to someone. Possibly getting fired from your job also.

I might suggest it to my husband for his job’s holiday party. Last year, he got a gun-shaped plunger, which caused all kinds of problems. The party was offsite, he has no car, he works in a secure building, and another employee had been shot to death a few months earlier.

So much confuse

If you google it. Ellen actually did a segment on the Shiney Hiney! Hilarious!

Another sign that this is the end times. How fat has our population become that we need this? What’s next, a wash rag on the end of a broom stick?

Items such as these are the reason we don’t get visited by higher life forms from outer space. They are waiting for us to evole past the need for this item.

Just making sure - this really is a butt hole scrubber, right?

I’ll wait for the battery operated one. Suction cup it to the wall, flip the switch and back your way into a clean undercarriage. (Must be 18 to purchase)

Well, clearly “Are you shitting me?” is no longer a rhetorical question for woot deals.

This is a perfect Yankee Swap gift! Last year was Potty Piano. I see a theme emerging.

Now… I have seen everything.