My Sous Vide My-101 Immersion Cooker, White

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My Sous Vide My-101 Immersion Cooker, White
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3/30/2018 - $59.99

Amazon’s page for this exact one. 4 star average. The new one on Amazon is 89.99$.

Been wanting to try sous vide, but didn’t want to buy a vacuum sealer machine too… but according to this site you don’t need one. So I bought it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do a fair amount of sous vide cooking, and as long as you get decent freezer zip bags, you are fine. Just use the immersion method to chase out the excess air. Make sure they are closed, though - had one leak due to user error and had a mess and wasted food.

You don’t need a vacuum sealer. This one is only 800 watts which works fine. I bought one from Sam’s for $50. This isn’t that great of a deal.

I’ve had the Anova Sous Vide for awhile. Vacuum sealed bags aren’t a requirement, but I’ve noticed they help to keep foods from floating. You can use heavy duty freezer ziploc bags, I use them for things like burgers. Also I highly recommend the Joule app by Chefsteps. Best free Sous Vide app hands down for temps and time.

Thanks. Hey WOOT! That is a quality post.

I bought one of these the last time they came around. It works as advertised. It heats the water very quickly, even with a frozen steak in the bag. To go with this you might want a well seasoned, smoking hot cast iron fry pan to sear the steaks and I’m still looking for an oval tall pot to put the longer items in comfortably. Also, some good plastic clamps to hold the bag in place while cooking are a plus.

I have been using a sous vide for more than a year and I love it. Hands down the best unit to buy is the Joule from ChefSteps. I think Amazon might sell them too. I might consider this one when I need to cook steaks to two different levels of doneness.

Bought the Curtis Stone one the other week from Woot. Tried it out last Sunday. Steaks came out more done than I was expecting. Guess I’ll have to try again at a gulp even lower temperature. :frowning:

What did you cook? What temp?

Strip steaks ~1 1/4" @135 ~3 hours.

I want to try 130 2hrs. My issue is that I’ve had food poising before so I’m a little worried about cooking so low. I probably finished them on the grill too long also. They were “good enough” but I didn’t cut into them amazed at the pink evenness of it all. They were “cut it with a fork” tender though, which was awesome.

I’ve been watching more videos since, I’ll try again this weekend. 132f 2 hours and finish with a cast iron pan.

132F is great. I did a chuck roast at 132F this past weekend for 24 hours. It was amaaaazing.

Edit: Also for a steak you should be safe at 129F+

OK, I just ordered one of these. I hope you all are right about the tender steaks it makes. I already have a Foodsaver vacuum sealer, so no problem there.

BTW, I like my steaks cooked to 160*F, well done. :slight_smile: Wife is more of a medium steak connoisseur. I guess we’ll be preparing them individually.

Prepare them to her liking and then ruin yours in the pan. :smiley:

Well said!

Love my new Sou-vide. Warmed it up ASAP the tested the temp. It was perfect. Not to try it on lamb chops