My Sous Vide My-101 Immersion Cooker

I bought my mom the 18 gal version of that same container for xmas a few years ago, and she loves it :slight_smile:

Edit: *18 QT version

18 gallon? She cooking an entire steer? lol.

I know I know, quart, but it made me laugh.


Oops, LOL - yeah, Quart :crazy_face:

I know, but that requires me to plan ahead and think about it. :stuck_out_tongue: I use it just often enough that I think “Damn, I wish I had one of those plastic tubs. Ah well, maybe I’ll get one before next time I use it.”

It’s less convenient than just hucking a steak into a pan or on the grill, even though it does a much better job than just frying/grilling, so I tend to drag it out when something like ribeye or New York strip is on sale, even though it can cook anything perfectly.

It doesn’t need to heat incredibly quickly, and it doesn’t need a lot of power to maintain the temperature once it reaches it. You’re not boiling water, you’re only taking it to maybe 140 degrees or so, and then holding it there.

Happy cake day bud!

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Wrapping it in tin foil after jabbing with fork and using your favorite spices, sauces, vegetables or rubs. Than placing on grill or in oven on low for a few hours will get the same results. Just my opinion. My brisket for Valentines weekend turned out very tender and tasty as well. Every one loved it and it even had father-in-law asking how did I learn how to cook like that.

Aight you all are raving on about this. Maybe I can get the wife to start using her Christmas shrink wrapping machine if I buy this. Than again maybe she will just not like this idea as well. I suppose it’s worth a shot. Hope she likes this. If nothing else maybe I’ll use it once received.
Update: sold out thank fully

I don’t have the patience for this. I like the idea, but if I’m having steak, it’s gunna be seared and flavored with butter and not take an hour. And my kitchen is going to smell like I’ve been cooking. If anyone is going to be taking a long soak in a hot water bath, it’s going to be me.

I want to love this and I know the English term “pudding” originated from putting something in a bag of sorts and boiling or steaming it- but I don’t like pudding in general. So I guess there’s that.

You still sear the steak after the sous vide. Especially if you decide to marinate the steak the sous vide works great, because the marinade works in better- and the cook on the steak is exactly what you dial in- so no mistakes on the doneness. But after sous vide you sear them either in a pan or on a grill for a couple minutes to get the texture. The beauty of this is that those steak can sit in that sous vide a while after they cook. Then when everyone’s ready to eat a quick 2 minute sear and the steaks are fresh & hot


I’ve done a reverse sear often so that works too but you need to pay more attention. But a sous vide is for much more than just meats. Def. has its advantages.

you ever do dulce de leche? Check this out and then thow it in a pie shell


  1. Fill the sous vide machine with water to just below the max fill line. Begin preheating the water to 185 degrees.
  2. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into your clean jars, leaving about 1 inch of head space. Place the lids tightly on the jars.
  3. Immerse the jars in the water. Add more water if needed to cover the tops of the jars, but do not fill over the max fill line.
  4. Cook for 15 hours, or until the sweetened condensed milk is thick, with a dark caramel color.
  5. Remove the jars from the water bath and cool to room temperature. Dulce de leche will keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

Really? Hmmm. Is it possible to do weekly meal prep with this method? Maybe I need to do more research…

Yeah, the sous vide can’t brown anything, because it cooks it to exactly the temperature you set. So you set it for a perfect medium rare and it cooks to that, then you get a cast iron pan as hot as possible, pull the steaks out and toss them into the pan for a moment on each side for a bit of browning. Perfectly done. I used to do up a dozen chicken breasts at once with a little butter and some onion and garlic. Toss the bags in the fridge, pull out a perfectly cooked breast for whenever I wanted it and shred it up with some cauliflower yellow rice.

(edited) And there’s no having to clean a pan full of grease. The water never touches the food, so the pot and the widget stay clean, and the only mess is from the prep.