My Sous Vide My-101 Immersion Cooker

My Sous Vide My-101 Immersion Cooker

I don’t get this, why not just buy a probe with a sensor and when it get to the right temperature it beeps and thus it’s done. Plus you can use it on the grill or in the oven. With this, you can’t. It’s seems very limited.

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Because you can cook and hold food at the right temperature for hours, then give it a quick sear. Perfectly cooked all the way through instead of good here, ok there, burned there. There’s a LOT you can do with a sous vide. Make a dozen chicken breasts at once, again perfectly cooked and juicy without having to watch them, then chuck them in their bags into the fridge and you’ve got meat you can just take out and use without having to do anything.


Sous vide is completely different than just heating water. The unit will circulate and keep the temperature of the water at the exact same temperature. So you can throw in bag of fiet mignon and it will stay at the perfect temp for days. When you want to eat it you just take it out and give it a sear.

I sous vide on the regular. At least once every couple weeks and usually multiple times per week. It was the best gift I have ever received. A huge time and money saver that creates glorious results.

Question for those who own this - the video says to use vacuum sealed bags, but the photo shows a regular zipper lock bag with a clothes pin. Is vacuum sealing necessary? I don’t have a vacuum sealer, but would be interested in trying this. Also, if frozen meat/fish is already vacuum sealed from the store, can you put that store bag/package in the pot? Thanks for the help in advance.

This is why we will never win the war on terror. Meat spas


I use the ziplock bags (for freezer). You can do the water seal method to get most of the air out of the bag. Works just fine for the sous vide. And yes, if you buy a meat that is already vacuum sealed, just sous vide in that bag, no need to open it to transfer to another bag.


I use freezer ziplocs. The double seal seems to work better for me. Water displacement method works just fine to get most of the air out.

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Thank you both @fuzi719 and @gryhnd Ordering now.

How stupid is this! What’s wrong with using my stove and a thermometer? Most stoves manufacured in the last 100 years let you adjust the temperature. Circulates the water… are you kidding me? I guarantee this item will end up in a lot of yard/garage sales in a couple years.

Ignorance of a product does not mean it is stupid. But I mean, everyone else who uses them is wrong anyway, amiright?


You got replies already about ziplocs; there are also other options. I have a couple of silicone bags (washable and reusable) designed for it. They don’t seal, but that isn’t entirely necessary. You just fold over the top and clothespin or otherwise clamp it, or just drape it over the edge and its own weight keeps it there. The food is submerged but the bag opening stays out of the water, thus dry. You can lose a little moisture that way but not enough to affect it, that I’ve ever seen.


You can still burn the outside that way. The sous vide ensures that no part of the meat exceeds the set temperature.

Yeah stoves never burn things

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I’ve also never seen a stove keep water a set degree to the 0.1. Even an induction cook top has hot and cold zones. Don’t you feel bad for these individuals who will never have perfectly cooked proteins.

I’ve had an Anova for years and used it dozens of times. It works great and very different than cooking something on a stovetop. If you know anyone who has one of these @PHStanulis you might be able to observe method and results without having to buy the kit yourself. I’d sure be happy to show you if you were my meatspace friend.

Thank you for the suggestion @StarChaserTyger I like the idea of reuseable bags, so I’ll look for those. I’ve thought about buying this when woot has had it for sale before, but finally took the plunge today. I can’t wait to give it a try!

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