My Special Day

A little redundant by now, don’t ya think?

Hope the camel doesn’t announce this to death. You know what I’m saying here.

What? You stole my first place, nah, just kidding. I knew this was going to win.

Congrats! :slight_smile:

I just noticed the acronym for W,Th,F

Relevant reference:

That camel should be more concerned about those green teeth. Won’t attract too many ladies when he smiles.

Talk about a shirt that you can only wear one day out of the week.

Nice color mix, but is hump day painful for the camels? Or is that just a posing for a photo smile?

Green shirt and Christmas is on Hump day this year!! win win

Never mind. That isn’t me that said that.

It’s a good thing it says Hump Daaaaay, because I thought it was Camel Toe Daaaaay.

So cute! I love it!!

Hooray! Thanks for voting for this one. :slight_smile:

Uh, it’s Friday?

Of course, it MIGHT be to the house in time to wear next Wednesday.

no. just… no.

every dillweed at my work is running around, “what day is it???” uuuummmm

“F - off it’s not Friday!!”

they kept doing it, even though I hadn’t seen the commercial. I work with easily entertained morons. -_-

:slight_smile: You just made me so happy.

Is this a sad coincidence or a Geico ripoff?

I typically like Geico commercials but the spinoffs fail. Anybody remember the Caveman TV series?

And for the next few months, maybe. No staying power here.

No Camel toe. Infact his legs look to be missing.