My Special Day

Oh good. I was worried the wooting community was going to miss the chance to wear another meme.

The origins of hump day extend much further back.

As it’s the Wooting community that voted for it, that makes sense.

(Disclaimer #1 - am a @fishbiscuit fan with 15 of her shirts from various sites.
Disclaimer #2 - did not vote on this one, so don’t blame me.)

well there’s your problem

Wow…this is original.

I wanted to just sit here and rub my eyes at how lame this is, but my rancor just couldn’t be contained so easily. The commercial was annoying the second time I saw it, although admittedly it came at the end of a very tedious GEICO campaign, and the joke has been played to death across various media. And now Wooters are so unoriginal that they want to repeat the joke (from a frickin’ commercial!) by displaying it across their chests?

OK, back to the retirement home. Clearly I’m late for my pills.

I’m not the one who’s complaining about it.

Did you participate by voting in the derby? If not, then just like in the democratic process of elections, there’s no right to complain about the outcome.

No shirt is for everyone here - tomorrow is another day with another shirt and there’s always the back catalog to buy from too.

Not these pills, are they?

Way to be bitter. It won for a reason. If y’all think you’re better at designing and producing t-shirts then go ahead and do that. I don’t get why there are always so many people bitter with an entire community that they continue to actively participate in being a part of. What even.

Considering this is Woot! I really wish the back said Woot! Woot! To really embody the commercial / trend / humor.

Whoa you have to have a very hard shell if you win one of these shirt derbies.
Personally never knew of this saying before Geico brought it to light. Otherwise I would have thought it to be a popular day people get it on.

Oh I’ve tried that, and found it to be futile. Just like the democratic process of elections, if I’m in a state with a bunch of people who disagree with my taste, my vote is useless! Woo!

I love the hump day shirt buy I can’t wear green!

Sooo … whining is the solution?

By the sales-by-state chart above and the percentages, this looks to be selling quite well, so yay Fishie!

Like … a turtle? One could infer the explanation to the name of shirt.Woot’s former #1 artist’s own site …

But enough divergent talk - buy @fishbiscuit shirts.

(Incidentally, I forgot another of her shirts, so my count is actually 16, plus a half for a collaboration design).

Oh ! I’m sort of new here. I guess she totally doesn’t need a hard shell with all of those trophies against her walls. :smiley:

Also thanks for showing me that @ feature. I had no idea you could do a search for artist’s work.

Green teeth?

I see only five colors- they should have added white for his teeth.

If only. :frowning: It’s a time-honored Woot tradition to complain, except that they’re forgetting that there’s a real person behind every shirt design here. And having to read such comments is never fun…

Alas, the @ isn’t automatic here; the catalog was manually linked.

When the numbers come out tonight, I hope the critics will learn to shut up next time regarding what they consider “bad” in their opinion.

No one is implying that Geico invented humpday itself with their commercial. The point is Geico came up with the idea of * camels* liking/being excited by humpday. So is this shirt meant to directly reference the commercial or is it just odd coincidence?

Personally, I enjoyed most of this line of Geico commercials but thought the camel one was painfully unfunny.

I agree the complainers get annoying. You don’t like the shirt of the day. Zip it and wait until tomorrow. Not everyone is going to like every shirt. I admire all the artists, the awesome ideas and heart that goes into their work each time. :slight_smile:

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Wowzer Fishbiscuit! Grats on the huge numbers! That will shut the haters up. Well, probably not… but now they can be all steamed that so many people don’t agree with them. :slight_smile: