My Trivial Pursuits

Hey, my mother always told me, trivial is as trivial does!

I just spent the past 25 minutes reading through all of the comments!

I’m really stoked about this one printing, because I’m a trivia junkie. I’ll definitely be wearing this one to the next trivia night.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry for a piece of pie right now!

Buy the shirt today, and then you’ll be prepared to attend opening night during the summer of 2015 when Jerry Bruckheimer finally releases Trivial Pursuit:The Movie.

Yay! Congrats odroc!

I would comment, but doing so seems like it would be such a trivial pursuit.

Time for a retro game night. Loved playing the game, very amused by the shirt.


I voted for you! Congrats!

Quite possibly a (wait for it) “trivial pursuit”


Congrats on the print, Tony! I was rooting for this one. :slight_smile:

all of my knowledge is trivial…

Huge congrats odysseyroc!!!

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