MyFox Home Alarm System

CNet wasn’t impressed with the system at the original price.

Once again woot fails me - what does it do - what is the piece actually being sold? I have a security system right now that links with my phone system but I’d like one that will use my internet to notify me if an alarm sounds - does this unit do that?

Sounds like (from reading some Amazon reviews), that the app will notify you of events.

Considered getting this, and it sounds well thought out, but (according to Amazon reviews), the additional fobs - if you have other household members- and door/window sensors- if you have more than one window or door - are very expensive. $30/$50. The difference in cost from here to Amazon would be lost quickly after the add-Ons.

yes but looking at the whole thing, it is certainly piece of mind. Not having to pay the monthly fees for monitoring is a big plus. You may have to spend a little more to get the extra sensors and key fob, but if the thing works decent, its good alarm piece of mind.