MyGuide 2350 GPS

Doesn’t seem like a bad price, I paid $99 for an Amcor GPS that does not have text to speech. I wonder how good this one is though, I’ve never heard of it.

MyGuide does not update their software.

I ended up writing custom geocaching software for it instead of using the old version of IGo/MioMap this is preloaded with.

Like I have said before, this is not a “deal”. has these for 83.99 today. Froogle’s listing is wrong. Check it out for yourself.

MyGuide GPS 2350 Series Navigation System $93.99 -
MyGuide 2350 3.5 inch GPS Navigation … $99.99 -
BRAND NEW MyGuide 2300 with text to … $99.99 - In And Out Computers

I noticed in the description it says

Does this mean it won’t work in most places? Or is it a European description and it should be a comma instead of a . has em for 93.99. 2.95 shipping.
I can finance it from bill-me-later for 0% interest for 6 months
And no questions asked gurantee.
Both new, both great prices but I dont have $90 right now. lol
I like the bill-me-later option
I need/want one of these for work
But I dont have $100 now.
I guess I can wait for payday either way
I’m talking to myself, pay no attention lol

[link=]Manufacturer’s product page[/link]

Death Valley CA only :wink:

No wonder they’re so cheap.
They used FRONTPAGE to make their own website.
No overhead = pass on savings to customers
Its a China made GPS someone setup a site here.
Get an extended warranty from those after market warranty sales places advertised in eBay and Amazon. When it breaks, they just pay to replace it or give you your purchase price back

I like how the display in the picture says “Waiting for GPS Signal.” Either a lack of attention to detail in the photography department of this thing is a total piece.

You beat me to it. Why anyone would buy an outdated no-name unit that can’t be updated makes you wonder.

Does anyone out there have this GPS, and can tell me whether it supports multi-destination? If so, would it arrange those destinations in order of increasing distance from your current location?

Could be because they’re trying to find a street inside a photo studio?

It’s obvious they didn’t setup to take pics of this on the highway

Oh it can be updated. It cost $129. For that amount there are a LOT better units out there.

NO Bluetooth…
No Traffic
No Updates
No Voice command…
and most of all because its the most important thing my Tom Tom does…
No voice of Christopher Walken teling me to turn (yes my tomtom has Walken’s voice)


Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New MyGuide 3.5" Touchscreen GPS with Text to Speech, for $74.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x MyGuide 2350 GPS with 3.5” LCD and Text-to-Speech

To access the price comparator links, click here
And to compare with Froogle, Amazon and eBay, click here

Ok, so Woot is 2 dollars cheaper if you include shipping on both…So why buy from Overstock instead of Woot?

The savings with Woot would almost buy me a half gallon of gasoline!

Who the heck is Chrissy Walken?

We are ALL proud of you.