Mykel Hawke's Peregrine 2.0 Knife

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So what kind of steel are these made from? Would be really useful if the specs had that or ANY real info for that matter.

Agreed. The type of metal used in construction of the blade is the most important thing to know when buying. Please include this for us next time.

AUS-8 based on Amazon description

We’ve added it to the features. Aus-8 stainless steel blade

A little something about AUS-8 Steel.

From what I’ve read about the knives, they are HEAT treated which puts them right there with the 440 steel (and will hold a edge longer). So, for 28 bucks and from what I’ve seen online about these knives, it’s a good deal and a good knife as a backup to that $200 brushcraft knife that looks like a overpriced steak knife. But hey, it cost 200 bucks and must be worth it. Right?