MyPillow 2PK Giza Cotton Pillow & Bolster



MyPillow 2PK Giza Cotton Pillow & Bolster


Was too lumpy for me. I suffer from c5/c6 disc pain, ulnar nerve damage and thoracic outlet syndrome. This was no good for me. I ended up with

Worth noting:

In October 2016, MyPillow agreed to stop marketing its pillow as able to treat or cure a variety of diseases and as the “official pillow” of the National Sleep Foundation as part of an agreement with California consumer protection officials aided by’s findings. The company will also pay more than $1 million in penalties.**

  • MyPillow says its cushions are stuffed with a “patented adjustable fill” that “keeps your neck supported and aligned to your exact individual need.” It claims to treat everything from snoring to insomnia. But there are zero clinical trials backing up these claims, which the company admits in fine print on its homepage: “Claims for MyPillow are based on medical opinion and user experience and not on actual clinical studies.”

My Pillow recommends Yellow for small females, white for small males, green for large women and men, lavender for our largest males/females. I noticed this isn’t explained here.


Something is up with the prices, You have one pillow at $40.00 and you have the same pillow as a 2 pack with a firm pillow for the same price


Certainly seems so.


I don’t think its 1 pillow, I think its 2 pillows of the same firmness. The one labeled 2 pack is 2 different ones. Its just labeled confusingly.


Thank you for the detailed factual information about this company’s advertising claims and your own experience. I took a minute to look at one of their pillows at a discount department store. In my humble opinion, it was not very impressive and extremely overpriced.

“The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has revoked the accreditation of Minnesota-based MyPillow, lowering its rating to an F based on a pattern of complaints by consumers. The BBB made the decision after reviewing MyPillow’s ongoing “buy one get one free” offer, which violates the organization’s code of advertising.Jan 4, 2017.” (

Infomercial sleeper ‘My Pillow’ gets $1 million wake-up call over false medical claims. By Ben Guarino, Washington Post, November 3, 2016. (

Consumer Reports says: “The 60-day money-back guarantee means that you can return My Pillow; you’ll have to pay for shipping and handling on both the original purchase and the return. Exchanges are free, however, including shipping.” Many customers have complained to the BBB that the manufacturer does not honor the 10 year warranty.

Ads for these pillows blanket cable television. They are heavily marketed on the Fox Network. (Draw your own conclusions.)

(I do miss the days when woot! was a quirky site offering a limited selection of actual bargains.)


Woot lost popularity for a reason ages ago. It’s become a warehouse of amazon & apple’s most returned products. Don’t worry though. ThunderThighs will show up shortly to explain how we are the problem, while I am sure, not at all profiting financially. Been using Woot for over a decade, but their prices and shoddy product lineup prevents them from being in my Checkout window, while I have around 10-20 amazon packages show up at my house weekly.


Last Woot! (May 11, 2018) I bought two of the Standard/Queen - Firm (Green) @ $32.99 each for $65.98 + $5.00 shipping + $4.62 tax for a total of $75.60…
… I used them for 5 consecutive nights, wasn’t impressed in the least. Seemed to firm for my comfort, and just couldn’t get comfortable using them.

Gave them away and went back to my old original pillows from Downlite (that I had found so comfortable at a B&B) and then ordered two new 300 TC Cluster Puff Polyester Hotel Pillows from Downlite and couldn’t be happier or sleeping better.
I did try the Jennifer Adams Luxury – Ultimate Goose Down Alternative Batiste Pillow from Downlite, but preferred the 300 TC Cluster Puff Polyester Hotel Pillow.


I wouldn’t get suckered into anything this carny is hawking if my life depended on it. If you want a properly supporting pillow for a fair price buy a pure Talalay latex one from Amazon.


I wouldn’t walk across the Street for a FREE Your Pillow, these things are awful!!! Only buy at Costco so you can RETURN them without issue.


CHeaper online elsewhere.


The owner of the company is a nutcase. (Search it.) I wouldn’t buy one of these just for that reason.


Nutcase, maybe…but he’s a multi millionaire :smiley:



I, too, tried this pillow several years ago. Paid $69 for a queen and got a travel “free”. And to me it was the most uncomfortable pillow I’ve slept on. Too bad it doesn’t live up to the hype.

Someone mentioned in an earlier post that Woot change some time ago. I have been shopping Woot for a good 15 years and, although I still love Woot, it lost its magic for me when it sold to Amazon. Ad a prime member, I do like the free shipping.


What exactly makes cotton, “Giza” Cotton ? ? ?



Yes, blipper67 is correct! Get a 100% latex pillow!


I’m just gonna say it again: buckwheat hull pillows. Most comfortable, longest lasting, no movement of your head at night. Check them out at the mother ship.


These “pillows” are only a little more comfortable than sleeping on a pile of rocks.