MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow, 2-Pack

Great pillows from a great company.

My wife and I have been really pleased with these pillows.

I agree. I bought them just to see what the deal was with them. I love these things.

I’m a side sleeper so I got firm per their recommendations. LOVE THEM.

These are classic version.

Anyone know what the difference is between the premium and classic?


A lot of bad reviews on this pillow. better to go somewhere else

The company has also faced several lawsuits over the claims they make on their pillows.

Now the bamboo pillows Woot has? Those are pretty awesome.

If only I could figure out how to put a bunch of recycled materials in a bag and sell it for over $50 a pop!?

Not the same, but I purchased some ‘my pillows’ last time and … couldn’t have been more disappointed. I gave them away!!

MyPillow Giza Elegance Pillow (Your Choice)
Sold by Woot
Condition:NewStyle:Standard/Queen - Firm (Green)
Quantity: 2 @ $32.99 $59.99 45% off list price

Good point, I can’t explain the model differences, but I did not buy the “elegance” model when it was on Woot b/c some limited research I did showed it was some sort of off-model that they were making; didn’t figure it out but the answers I got on Amazon were enough to say it wasn’t a good choice. What leaves me wondering, how can so many be being sold if the product isn’t well received?

I received one as a gift. Been really happy with it. I don’t wake up with a stiff neck as much as I used to before I started using one.

After watching the owner on QVC one day while bored at work, I learned two things:

  1. Wash and dry about every 6 months. That helps keep the fill material fresh.

  2. When you’re about to use it, Push the ends of the pillow together a couple of times to move the material towards the center to “fluff up”, then rest your head on it. If done right, it should create a crater for your head and neck. I noticed how much better mine felt after doing this for a few days.

I am very satisfied with my set of My Pillows that I received as a gift , per my request. I got the Premium’s with medium fill. I have had a neck fusion and my old pillows were getting too flat to provide enough support.

The version I got , premium, comes with a 10 year warranty. If they last half that time, I would be happy.

BTW, the court cases against this company was for them offering the buy get one free all of the time , thus leading to false advertising when they posted their “normal” pricing. Now they switch up their special offerings.

I would like to purchase today’s offering, for a second set, but I do not have any funds to do so.

Corded pillows? No thanks, I like mine cordless, preferably Bluetooth.

Absolutely terrible pillows. Despite what they say, the foam never really relaxes or conforms to anything. It’s literally a poorly made bag of scrap foam, yet they’re trying to charge a premium from it. Junk.

Hey guys, this isn’t the thread for politics. We have Everything but Woot for that. I will be deleting these posts.

Been on the fence for about a year on dropping this much for a pillow. Could some actual users please respond?
[]I’m a hot sleeper (not like that!) - does the poly-fill reflect the heat off your head?
]Is there any smell on these? (besides the aforementioned Trump LOL)
[*]Would you buy again and/or recommend to your loving mom? (…or, is it really that good?)

I want to believe this is all that and then some but don’t want to drop cash on garbage.

Please don’t comment with politics - if we can’t agree to disagree then do we really belong in this great country?

  1. I don’t notice any extra heat and my head sweats a lot when I sleep usually. Not so much on this

  2. They recommend putting them in the dryer for a bit when you get them. If you do that, you should be fine. There was a faint smell for a bit but that’s normal for many items. It will come out of the dryer freaking huge but settles down when you put it in a pillow case and sleep on it.

  3. I recommend it all the time. I’m a side sleeper so I got firm. I love it. Best pillow ever. Comfortable the first night.

Well, my current pillow is very soft and I bunch it up so I don’t know if that equates to medium or firm so . . . I guess I’m in for one of the combo packs.

Thanks for the response, TT! And, Happy Woot Birthday!

I did the same thing for a long time before getting a firmer pillow. Definitely happier with the increased support, and I don’t bunch my soft pillows up anymore!

I planned on buying these but then I checked the company out a little more Flat F rating from the BBB. Not a great sign

I agree those bamboo pillows are wonderful! I’ll buy them again. Also not sold by tv huckster who got sued. These are just overpriced chunks of foam in a bag.