MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow - Pick Size, Style

A pillow is not an investment, a stock, a house is an investment

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Unless, of course, you buy 200 pillows knowing that there will suddenly be a worldwide pillow shortage.

THEN it will be an investment.


Don’t buy these bags of crap. If you want a good pillow go buy any down pillow, what these bags of shit are trying to emulate. I suggest thecompanystore.


I love down too, but some people are allergic and others prefer to not use animal products. It is nice to have alternatives.

Yeah, I hate down pillows. LOL

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Well that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?

Tell us how you REALLY feel. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Every time I end up on a feather pillow at a hotel or at MIL (back in the day), they’d flatten to a hard brick. Not a fan.

these pillows are so uncomfortable. they exacerbate my lower back pain. hard pass.

Yup, worst pillow I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried THREE different Lofts, Firmest, Firm and Not Firm … if you want to try for free, keep an eye out for when they’re at COSTCO, you can return them there. YMMV

Strong chemical smell out of the packaging, did the 15 min in dryer as recommended, but still smells. Will be returning.

Many foam products need about 12-24 hours in open air to off gas which dissipates the smell. The dryer helps with that as well.