MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow - Pick Size, Style

MyPillow Corded Classic Pillow - Pick Size, Style

The “Gary” bit! snorfle

Is there a cordless version? I feel like I would strangle myself if I plug my pillows in and the toss and turn in my sleep. :smiley:


Hah, great minds… I made a similar joke in a previous sale :slight_smile:


“I’ll take care of the rest.”… I see what you did there.

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I have a pair from an earlier Woot! sale and they’re good pillows, but not life changing like the over-the-top commercials would lead you to believe.

I’ve had mine for almost a year now. Since, I bought them from a tv shopping site at 2 for $40. I bought 3 sets to separate and give out as gifts as well. We have enjoyed them but as already mentioned not life changing. Any decent memory foam neck support pillow will probably provide you with the same results.

Lousy pillows. No comparison to Tempurpedic
Not even suitable for my guest bedroom
Amazing to me the businesses we make successful in USA! So many of them do not deserve their success and this company is one of them :woman_shrugging:t3:

Any idea what “Lavender” means here? There is no mention of this color code on any other site (including Mypillow itself) that I can find.

Here is the fitting chart from – I can only assume that Lavender=White, but why the off-spec?

That’s their color coding for the Classic line. I think they’re phasing these out for a different sizing color scheme.

The older versions only have the colors on the instructions tag. My “green” printing has held up well. My wife’s “yellow” is now impossible to read. This new version seems a bit more user-friendly.

I always thought these would be crap - and not good crap like a Bandolier of Carrots. (Ok, that’s not good crap either…) I have looked for a decent pillow for quite some time. I have never found one that “worked” for me. I bought one of these on a previous w00t and was amazed. Seriously. I freaking love the thing. I just bought another one exactly the same to put in our little teardrop trailer. We do land trips in the spring and summer and spend from 5.5 to7 weeks camping. The teardrop is pretty much just a queen bed on wheels. I sleep well in it but, on our last trip, found myself wishing I had my pillow from home. It really is that good. Now I have two of them. One for home and one for our extended camping trips. The pillow isn’t a life-changing item and won’t restore virility or make the blind see or the lame walk but… I really do sleep much better with it and am very pleased to get a second one for when we travel.

(I won’t take it on all of our travels. Like I said, we camp in the spring and summer but we also cruise in the summer and fall. Dirt when camping. Total “How may we make your life easier” when we cruise. Balance is everything. :slight_smile: )