MyPillow Giza Elegance Pillow (Your Choice)

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MyPillow Giza Elegance Pillow (Your Choice)
Price: $36.99 - 38.99
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Condition: New


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Lots of folks buy pillows in lots of four. Limit three is just stupido woot.

Agreed 100%.

False Advertising Class Action Suit against “My Pillow”

[MOD: that was for advertising statements, not the pillow itself.]

And have you ever seen the “patented interlocking fill”? It looks like nothing more than torn pieces of foam rubber.

Has there ever been anything that you could buy more than 3 of (unless it was sold as a pack)? That is one of the quirks that makes Woot what it is.

Cheaper at Kohl’s at this time using FF 25% off plus you get Kohl’s cash.

Purchase limit is raised. Buy ALL the pillows.

A friend of mine purchased one of these after buying at least 7 different pillows. This is the only one he likes. It also washes up well. I need a soft pillow, otherwise I would be in for a few.

Get a ‘dog bone’ pillow from amazon and you will never look at another pillow again.

The family owns about a dozen of these pillows, including the mini roll & go travel pillows. I’ve purchased some of mine directly from the company, some from HSN, and have given many to family members as gifts. I have no problem with their “2 for 1” marketing since as someone said who buys single pillows anyhow. I’ve used my king/firm for almost 5 years now. I bring it with me everywhere I go. I’m a believer. Takes a little while to get use to, but once you do…you won’t leave home without it either.

That is, if by “ALL” you mean 10 or less!

JK, thanks TT!

I bought several a while back. Yes, they go in the washer & dryer well. This is great after a head cold or other coughing illness.
Because of the various sizes of the fill I have been able to adjust mine to accommodate my ear/earrings & smooth it out by my nose so I can breath (side sleeper). It stays concave & convex where I want it to.
I fall asleep much faster & sleep more soundly than with other pillows.
I take mine with me when traveling also.



The one at Kohls is their Classic pillow which is the base model, not this same

Specs say “100% certified Giza88 cotton” however the pillow is filled with Polyurethane and NOT cotton! I wanted a cotton cover and cotton filled pillow. There’s nothing in the specs about Polyurethane.