Mysterious Leader

Congrats wirdou!

Cookie is Peace!
Freedom is Cookie!
Cookie is Strength!

Grats Wirdou. You are becoming a shirt god. :slight_smile:

Warped…and where’s the milk ; )

I don’t think Cookie Monster would last long enough to start an “I’m gonna gain your trust then eat you” cult.

Don’t that just give you the cookie blues.


I love this shirt, but now I’m hungry for cookies…

This was the First thing that popped in my head when I saw this shirt!


This is what I thought of…


Congratulations on hitting the sweet spot where propaganda and cookies converge,wirdou.

I’m really disappointed in the lack of the usual criticisms when anything is printed anywhere near the goodies. Here are some possible options.

From the standard “I love the design but the placement is awkward… because… you know, breasts.”

To the amusing “I don’t want people reaching for my cookies”


“But my milk jugs go there”

Thank you all for the nice comments!:smiley: This was a really nice surprise!:slight_smile: Let’s all hail the leader!!

Woop woop, congrats Pablo!

cant wait to see this on the ladies!! it will be like its 3D!!

yea don’t see many large chested women picking up this design… but i can see their boyfriends and husbands picking them up for them B^P

really cool design just too bad the placement is kinda bad for a large group of people

Well deserved! It looks great on the shirt. Congrats wirdou :slight_smile:

I have several brown Woot! shirts, but this looks so much more like milk chocolatey-chip cookie goodness. Mmmm…milk chocolately-chip cookie goodness.

I haven’t ordered in a while and was about to get this shirt, but no A.A. buyup option!! Darn, I really wanted this shirt too!! Back to boycotting…

I’ve seen Cookie Monster depicted in creepy ways before but this takes the… uh, cookie?

Is it just me, or do the cookies on the wall look like Iron Man masks? Maybe it is just me…

I’ll go with: it’s cute, but I’d never wear it … and if I got it in a Random shirt sale I’d give it to a male friend!