Mystery 3 Piece Speaker System


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Pretty soon they are gonna be payin you guys, and will have very swollen tooshies



Are these Dell Speakers? Or is the picture just to throw you off? I got one but I already got 2 5.1 Dell’s. Anyone know what the model would be if indeed these were dells? Thanks everyone.


Dude They are Dells


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ugh its 230 here and i have to be up at 6.

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YES FINALLY!!! IN FOR 3!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! … Great deals, coupon codes and freebies

Mystery 3 Piece Speaker System
They’re like the 5650’s little brother
$12.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Do you like a big, full, fat low end? So do we. But lay that aside for a moment, and let’s talk about computer speakers. You need good computer speakers. Going to without a subwoofer is like watching Gone With the Wind
on a dinky little black-and-white TV. And you might not know this, but that helpful little Einstein-looking guy in Microsoft Word makes all kinds of funny noises! And if you can’t hear the AOL guy say so, how are you going to know when you’ve got mail?

This three-piece speaker set is just the thing for you, friend. It’s smaller than the 6-piece mystery speaker set you’ve seen here before by ( …carry the two…) three pieces, but it’ll no doubt go just as fast. Regret is an awful burden; we wouldn’t want to be in your pungent Pumas if you pass on this product. Then again, even if you don’t.

Response Bandwidth: 45Hz - 20KHz
Power: 30 Watts
6 watts per satellite, 18 watts for subwoofer
System Type: 2.1 (2 Satellites, 1 Subwoofer)
Pieces: Three, like the sexiest swimsuits
Controls: Power On/Off, Volume control, Subwoofer Level
Satellite Dimensions: 2.7" x 2.6" x 6.7"
Each satellite has two 1" tweeters and a 3" midbass
Satellites rotate the earth and broadcast signals
Subwoofer Dimensions: 5.1" x 7.9" x 9.48"
Subwoofer has a 6.5" woofer in a sturdy wood cabinet
Color-coded cables for easy set-up
Magnetically shielded Satellites and Subwoofer to keep the CIA from reading your speakers’ thoughts
Connectivity Technology: 1/8" Stereo Mini
Condition: New OEM, repackaged in brown box


[quote user=“rabiddawgs”]ugh its 230 here and i have to be up at 6.

whaaa hoooo my first woot off.[/quote]

The time is now 11:36 PM. I’m up at 5:30AM :twisted:


teh suck


I get the much less pretty server error in / error. I would like to get the swift kick in the butt error :slight_smile:

oh yeah I forgot, my first woot off is an experience! Too bad it’s a night I’ve actually got work to do, so it’s holding me up (you got to have your priorities, though!)

I <3 peterromans’ spam! (no, not really!)


Woot! isn’t going to rest until everyone in the country has a set of Dell ® speakers.


This is amazing! I should be in bed, but why? This is a dream come true!


So slow but so much fun :slight_smile: