Mystery 5.1 Speakers w/Server Crash Prevention


Welcome to the Mystery Brand 5.1 Speakers w/Server Crash Prevention topic page for Friday, April 29th. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


Today’s item quantity: 850
Last Order time: 12:33:58 AM CDT
Woot Member to blame: bodine
Order Pace: 0m 25.85s
Woot Wage: $5568.57 an hour.

edit: Snapster here. obviously some technical dificulties this morning. we’re still sorting things out here in the community. we believe orders are received fine from those who got them in. (damn, and we thought we were going to avoid server errors with this annoying bundle! :o )




speakers are nice, but the TAZ foot massager made the deal for me


no errors on the page when u sold the lemonade maker. . . . . . . .


Gone before anyone could post…but I got mine… :smiley:


server crash prevention? it still crashed!


damn…really wanted to get a set this time


Sold out! I didn’t even get a chance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


By the time I realized it, it was too late. Aargh. But, I thought this was funny, the contest before the real woot.


Taz Foot Massager and Mystery Speaker Bundle
Taz-Mania: Catch it!
$39.99 $5.00 S&H

Wisdom from the Woot! School of Marketing
Lesson 001: How to Unload “Taz” Foot Warmers

OK, there’s not really any good way to spin this, so we’ll just tell you what happened. One of our purchasers was at an expo in Ypsilanti, trying to make time with his favorite sales rep. She’s just his type: he’s got a thing for girls with corrective footwear and lazy eyes. (Something to do with his first girlfriend, we understand.) Anyway, the two of them end up lacquered on root beer schnapps in a hotel bar, and before we know it, a shipment of these ludicrous things arrives at Woot HQ.

As to whether he scored, Gus isn’t saying. We hope so, because back at the warehouse, we feel like we got the e-commerce analog of a “Cleveland Steamer.” Don’t look it up.

So here it is: a perfect gift for any infantile couch potato with poor circulation on whom you’d rather not spend very much money. Tuck your tootsies inside and imagine you’re vacationing at the world’s worst spa! It’s luxuriously appointed with fleece, and it’s got two levels of optional electric heat, so it’s perfect for the upcoming summer months. Use the attached control wand to adjust the heat or turn on a “soft tissue massage” at either of two intensity levels.

Plus, it’s emblazoned with what we presume must be somebody’s favorite Looney Toons character, so when it starts to smell like steamed feet, you can blame the stench on a cartoon marsupial. (Actually, the inner lining and outer cover are removable and washable.)

To sweeten the deal considerably, we’re bundling it together with our famous “mystery speakers.” You probably know the story with them by now.

Soft fleece interior
High/low vibration massage
Optional high/low heat
Heats up right quick
Operated by hand-held control wand
Fits up to men’s shoe size 13
You know what they say about men with big feet and “Taz” footwarmers! (“What a waste,” that’s what they say.)
Inner lining and outer cover can be unzipped for washing
Comes with “mystery speakers”


Page 1! Woohoo! I am so happy. My happiness will be complete when I am able to snag a few BOCs… :lol:


:frowning: Woot Sucks… it is getting nearly impossible to get in on any deals without getting an error message. Too bad they can’t handle the internet traffic they get or they would be top notch :frowning: :x :x :!: :!:


Nice got 3
$124.97 has been charged to your credit card.

Thank you for your business. Woot!
Check out the community board to hear the buzz
or ask technical questions about this item.

And first page


I really can use this foot massager/warmer. Thanks woot! Now I just have to unload this second set of speakers. From the way people seem to go nutz over them, I do not think it will not be too hard to do.


I understand that Woot is going to sell all these damn speakers everytime, if it takes 35 minutes or 7 seconds. I personally would rather see the crap sell out in 7 seconds rather than annoy the hell out of us for a half an hour. That was just ridiculous. But they sell out everytime so why fix it. Maybe next time.


Dang… I was “That” close… finally able to submit my info and was giving a message that the woot had just sold out. Oh well :slight_smile: Didn’t need speakers, didn’t need the foot massager, just wanted in on the deal.

Sorry Macdaddy… no whining from me tonight.

Cheers! Pernst :smiley:


Another woot! missed. I absolutely give up. For the love of everything holy, please port the damn site to php/linux already, asp/windows is balls!


Sold out sign was posted at 10:01. Front page was an ad for the photoshop contest. what gives? (Points to woot for creativity tonight!]


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