Mystery Brand 5.1 Channel 6pc Speaker Set


Welcome to the Mystery Brand 5.1 Channel 6pc Speaker Set topic page for Wednesday, February 23rd. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.



Great deal… I might have to break open the piggy bank on this one! Great Deals, coupon codes and freebies.


[color=green:fccf40ab68]Woo-Hoo! First post from my new laptop. Fits perfectly in my bag-o-carp![/color]


I wonder what has 5.1 channels and fits in a big box?
So its Box of Crap now not Bag of Crap?

From previous thread

[quote user=“Dynatech”]I sense a good Woot item coming up. We had 2 in a row of items that didn’t sell out. -The latest Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals

3 Sweet Deals 2 Funny Videos | 1 Extreme Mod | 1 H4ck3r T1P [/quote] -The latest Tech News, Mods, Hacks, and Deals

3 Sweet Deals 2 Funny Videos | 1 Extreme Mod | 1 H4ck3r T1P


Still waiting for kitchen woot for my new kitchen…maybe an under-the-counter LCD TV…

Everyone can dream…




Awesome WOOT.


meh ill pass, no speakers for me


worth it?

Just couldn’t bring myself to purchase them… Now I wonder if I made a mistake!

Found some at officemax for $20 but only 3pc system. How much better would 3 more pcs be?


Dell, Dell, Dell


'Nuff said.


yay first page!

finally - now all of these people whining about speakers can have them…

ho hum - guess ill have to wait til tomorrow…again… :smiley:


I don’t know about you, but I personally would like to know what I’m buying. Well, maybe if it were a Bag O’ Crap, that would be seriously different. :smiley:


Don’t need. oh well. Time to sleep.


Do these plug into yesterday’s binos???


Oh, no…!, more speakers?..Nooooooo…!!! :x
The World demands more Bags’o’Crap. :smiley:


maybe someone can answer me a question. on a video how do you read the little marks to figure out how much time you used on a video tape?


Is there a twelve step wootaholics anonymous? :lol:


WOOT!! page 2.

I hope these aren’t Audiovox.

Its really the “repacked in brown box” part that concerns me.

GC: does this mean its not coming in the manufacturer’s packaging at all?

Ah. got moved up somehow. lol

was top pg 2.

OK spill the beans…what was the brand?


so tempted …
and i waited a few seconds too long. got all the way to submitting payment, and was denied woot. sold out!


YEAH :smiley: