Mystery Brand 6 Piece 100 watt Speaker Set

OOoohhh it’s woot off time!!

I dunno about this one…

Mystery Brand 6 Piece 100 watt Speaker Set
$29.99+ $5 shipping

1 Mystery 6-piece Speaker Set

a woot off would start 2 days before I get paid and can’t afford anything

YAY. Speakers…again! YAY!!! WOOT OFF!!!

It’s a wootoff!

What brand has this been in the past?

Great Dell speakers… they are powering my TV right now… love them

What does the bar mean?

Dude! you’re getting a mystery box set.
I need these!

A WOOT OFFFF! Sweet, but I already have a 6 piece set…

Too bad I have some Logitech Z-5500. :smiley:

I knew we were overdue for a woot-off. And me already short on sleep!

woot off…oh my, i have a busy day tomorrow

Not a woot off I needed sleep and I don’t need more speakers…ooh pretty button


Man, the past versions of this sure have been popular. May have to take the plunge.

Heaven knows it will sell out fast.

Is this a box of crap?

ACK!! I don’t have time for woot off… NOOOO!!!