Mystery Cat Toy Box

Mystery Cat Toy Box
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Tuesday, Dec 02 to Wednesday, Dec 03) + transit
Condition: New


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wait a minute, did I just buy a box?

Hahahah omg… That would be the best cat gift though…

I bought one too… before I could think I was already pushing that “I Want One” button…

I’m sure my cats would love this.

I’m sure they would love it even more, if the dogs didn’t destroy all their toys.

So, now I get a Cat BOC to go with the others my wife and I got for ourselves… Now to have them add a Kid one for my son!

Bought one on Friday figuring all 3 of my fur babies could share, and kicked myself for not buying more. Just snagged 3 more that way they dont have to share and I can send one to my parents for their fur babies. Hopefully it will be something good :slight_smile:

I bought the cat mystery box and got it last week… 3 plastic dishes… a catnip mouse… and a laser mouse - total value was about 6.00. Even the cat wasn’t impressed

You got it pretty fast, though.

Knowing how much cats love playing in boxes, is this just a box or is there cat toys, etc in the box as well?
Had to ask :stuck_out_tongue:

You got a box. The cat is always impressed by a BOX no matter what.

“Other than that, how did you enjoy the play, Mrs. Lincoln?”

With all the cats I have… someone’s bound to like something in this box… lol.

sounds like i just wasted $14.99. I should have learned long ago the good fun days of woot are over. Meh.

So you’re saying I just got about $18 worth of merchandise for only $37. Excellent.

Cat’s love boxes, right?

someone tell me there’s a chance we’re getting more than a few $2 bowls, a $1 laser, and some grass…

That or I’m cancelling my order, lol.

Its always a gamble, you never know…thats why its a mystery. Heck, even with a box my kitties would be happy. Everyone loves a mystery box :wink:

Yeah, I couldn’t resist either; in for one. =^…^=

Under “Features” the following was written:

So, I’m hoping that means a bit more than just a couple bowls and a pair of cat toys. Perhaps the “dress yourself” part means a little extra crazy cat dress-up fun?

Actually, what I am really dreaming of is an adorable little cat-sized Woot Cape, like all the fashionable Woot Monkeys wear!

Very confusing… the origin scan for mine was here in Chicago today and the originating company is Amazon itself. I guess these do arrive fast, but it sounds like there is a product called the Cat Mystery Box and this has nothing to do with randomness or anything like that.