Mystery Knit Hat

You say there’s only one design. But could that one design possibly come in two different colors? Say, just for instance, blue and grey? :tongue:

“A man walks down the street in that hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything!” -Wash

It’s 94 degrees today. WHile I know it won’t be this warm forever, the mere thought of putting a knit hat on my head is making me a little nauseated.

But what if the mystery hat is just what it shows? A grey hat with a question mark…

This is the only sale of knit hats I believe - so it will probably be one of these designs. (unless for some reason they made new ones specifically for this random sale, instead of just getting rid of old ones.)

I am not sure I want one of those hats if, by simply putting it on, it give you that dead-eye look of those models.

Are you kidding?!? That’s EXACTLY why I want one!

“You buy that hat, you oughtta get a free bowl of soup!”

Haha, yea I know. We have to get rid of them ASAP though! Also, the strange appropriateness of your username on this thread does not escape me.

No, no, you misunderstand. It’s not a mystery design…Woot! is based just outside of Dallas, Texas. No one in Texas has a knit hat, nor can they explain why such a thing would even exist. The mere existence of this strange head-warming object is the mystery.

Really!? Her username went right over my head. :grimacing:

This has been so entertaining to read this morning. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed one!

“And Girls Could Not Resist His Stare” - Richman

Was this the last birthday blowout item? I hope not!

We’ve got a new one launching tomorrow :slight_smile:

I missed out. Can anyone share a picture of it?

Got mine in the mail today!

I have the coffee cup that matches, and it’s one of my favorites. Very pleased with the hat!