Mystery OEM 6 Piece 5.1 100 watt Speaker Set


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Speakers were my first purchase here. Missed out on the Bag o’ Crap because I fell asleep.



edit: shucks, second


sorry sean

they need to fix their server, the times off




4lbs of crap on the way. What in the WOOT will it be? AB TILLTS for all you 10lb plus people!!!






new to woot, and this is my first post. lets see if i make the first page…


it’s off by a lot

NTP anyone?


kid gets this for x-mas


first page!


Came up at least 3 minutes early, by my clock.


a full 3 minutes back? jebus, i rebooted and had to try logging in 5 times (can never remember my passwords). where the crap are ya sean?

nice woot, other than the lovely dell logo <cringe>

hey woot, more ram in the box please


hi everyone :slight_smile:


Woot! Finally Dell 5.1 Surround Speakers.

Odd though that they are labeled as “Mystery OEM” when the picture clearly shows the DELL label. :?


I wonder if I was the first one to order this tonight


5650 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer




yes yes yes i got them this time…


Got mine before midnight! Too bad I couldn’t find my stinking woot charter membership code. :x