Mystery Science Theater 3000 8 DVD Bundle

wastttttinggg myyy life


Already downloaded this

great show… but not $45 good imo…

Not too bad. It’s basically buying one and getting one free.


buy this every1 they are amazing… lol

These are almost all on Netflix Instant Play.

apparently this is the last deal

Maybe for 1.29…

I’d dive at these, but my sister beat me to it last Woot-off. Found them on my front deck one day coming home from work.

I was a happy boy!

…and on THAT note…goodnight fellow wooters!

Ahhhh wrong price???

We have a mystery of our own. It’s a mystery trying to find the BeeeOhhhhCeeeee

Buuuuuy meeeeeeeee

Really? Is this the excitement I have been waiting all day for?

It’s like a cancer

If you have Netflix, these are all available through them. Just sayin’.

go CA!