Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Collectors Bundle

Thats a lot of hours of humor!

Awesome! Wife would hate it!



dangit! just another thing i dont want! :frowning:

Shoot - bought all 3 of these already - for $40 each on Amazon. Great deal here!

Oh I loved me some MST3k when I lived with the stoner boys, but I’m not sure I like it $70 today. Still, this stuff is great-awful.

That reminds me - I sure hope at some point today WOOT puts up a fun space-oriented flash game I can play from my work laptop! Something with cannons, satellite (of love) dishes, a parachute…that would be fun!

Think they’ll permalink the sluggy paperboy game?

Detecting large quantities of mystery Sir

Wow. All those DVDs and Manos: The Hands of Fate isn’t in there… Shame.

Welp, time to go make lunch.

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Wow! 3,000 DVDs for $75 bucks. Can’t beat that. :slight_smile:

Loves me MST3K…already have all the episodes. Otherwise this would make a nice starter pack.

IF I did not already own XIX, I’d be all over this one.

Very cool. If these were on BD, I’d definitely be purchasing them. But alas, they are just obsolete DVDs. Still very cool, though.

Let the geekfest begin!



could make about 40 profit selling it on ebay seperatelly