Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Collectors Bundle

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Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD Collectors Bundle
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Out of this “New” World

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and with this I am heading to bed. Was a slow woot-off =/ Hope its still running when I wake up.

I stayed up for this? It’s the BOC missing the “BO”

Are these any “good”?

$50? Really? Aren’t these the sort of DVDs you see in the $2 bin at WalMart?

Time for bed indeed.

…you also get 12 Exclusive Mini-Posters by artist Steve Vance.

Don’t tell anyone.

some guy in WI just ate 3 of these up…I always knew it was a bit weird up north there.

big MST3K fan - what the heck…I’m in

I can watch most of these free on Amazon Prime videos. Nice collection though.

The Beatnicks was pretty good but it is usually a Joel v. Mike thing and this is all Mike if I remember right.

Good price but you can torrent all episodes if you look for the MST3K Digital Archive Project.

“Keep circulating the tapes”

Final Sacrifice is one of the best ones. Not Sace Mutiny good, but pretty darn funny in its own right.

Hahahahahaha KS! Nice, buy more.

I never thought I’d see the day where MST3K is a woot-off killer.

What’s with the MST3K hate? :frowning:

If you find these in the $2 bin at Wal-Mart, someone seriously has no idea what they’re doing. This is about a $150 dollar value.

My nephews just discovered these guys… Guess what they are getting for their birthdays?

WTF is this?! and where is the bag of crap???

Would be in for 1, except I bought Volumes 17 and 18 already from a previous Woot. Too bad Volume 19 wasn’t sold by itself.