Mystery Science Theater



Team Mike or Team Joel?


We all know the real answer to this question is “Team Croooooooooow”.


Only two of these discs are with Joel.

  1. The Unearthly from season three.

  2. Gunslinger from season five.

Gunslinger is also Joel’s second to last episode. His last was the legendary “Mitchell!”.

As I am Team Joel (and I already picked up some batteries on sellout.woot today), I think I’ll pick up The Unearthly.


This is awesome, it’s the cheapest I’ve seen these DVD’s anywhere.


It’s a shame there isn’t a buy all option.


I know, this was part of a question I was going to ask. There is no shopping cart per say so how can I buy more than one? There are probably 4 of them I want. Do I have to just buy them one at a time and stiffed with $5 shipping each time?


You do have to buy them one at a time but you only have to pay the shipping once, it isn’t $5 for each DVD. (provided you buy them all on the same day)


The Hamlet is the amazing deconstructed 1960’s one with Maximillian Schell. Worth it for the movie itself!

Community Deals tab has 10 of these for $50, so… yeah.


Just noticed that this is also at sellout.woot under deals under $50 for the whole bundle. Its still the same price as if you were to buy them separately.



In most cases I would have bought all of them, but Red Zone Cuba is a real dud, and not in the good way. The gang have a hard time making that one funny.

Wild World of Batwoman however, is a knockout! One of my favs.


If you already have some of the early Rhino sets, you may have some of these.

Collection 3 had “The Atomic Brain” and “The Unearthly”.

Collection 4 had “The Girl in Gold Boots” and “Hamlet”.

Collection 5 had “The Touch of Satan”.

Collection 6 had “The Gunslinger”.

Collection 9 had “Incredibly Strange…”.

Rhino had individual releases of “Wild World of Batwoman”, “Red Zone Cuba”, and “Beginning of the End”.


Slightly related to the topic… who else is going to see Mike, Kevin and Bill riff Manos: The Hands of Fate in the theater on the 16th?


I am soo excited to buy the movies. Back in the mid 90’s, my dad and I spent hours watching MST 3000 and laughing so hard we cried! Good times, Good times! Now, I get to share them with my son, aaah!


Netflix has some of these too,and the current incarnation of the show,Rifftrax was on Hulu.
Joel and all the others hac=ve a similar deal of mainly live shows and DVDs called Cinematic Titanic.
Check them out.MST3K Lives!


It’s seriously one of the worst films I have ever seen (including student films) and the team does another one by the same director a few episodes later that’s just as bad. No amount of clever heckling can make either film watchable.


Awesome. I’m in for “The Girl in Gold Boots”, “Red Zone Cuba”, and “Beginning of the End”.

I picked those particular movies by going through various people’s lists of their all time favorite episodes. It’s interesting that a couple of people here indicated they didn’t like “Red Zone Cuba”, because of the movies Woot is offering, that one showed up the most on the lists I saw.


Awesome! Thanks for the info!


Other than Hulu, you could go to for more Rifftrax stuff. That’s basically the Sci-Fi era cast there, who are doing Manos in theaters live on Thursday.


This guy… wipes forehead I’d gotten so wrapped up in other stuff, I had almost forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.

Edit: I won’t be picking any of these up because I already own them all. My fave MST3K riff is definitely ‘Space Mutiny’ it’s definitely one of the best, and it’s also available from the Rhino DVD releases albeit not in this sale.