Mystery Tee! Men's Size Large

Mystery Tee! Men's Size Large

How long has it been since random shirts were offered?!?

(In the olden days, I’d probably have the answer off the top of my head.)

I’m assuming these are mostly test prints. DTG doesn’t leave a lot of room for excessive inventory.

Far too long.

I ordered in 2 different sizes… Same shirts different sizes

Note to shirt.woot warehouse: including 7 bags of Texas air with the shirts is a bit unnecessary. :smirk_cat:

It helps keep the shirts from rattling around and maybe, just maybe, keep the box from collapsing easily.

Since when do shirts rattle?

Are snakes included so as to scare cats away?

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My theory is that if you shake something hard enough, it can rattle. :stuck_out_tongue:

How could we fairly test that theory?

I got a cool shirt for sure out of this deal. Glow in the dark an all plus a box with 6 bags of good ol Texas air. Thanks Woot.