Mystery Watches for Men!

Mystery Watches for Men!
Price: $29.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Tuesday, Sep 29 to Friday, Oct 02) + transit
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“The value of the watch you receive is worth about what you’re paying for it.”

At least this is made clear and will hopefully cut down on the complainers. I appreciate this little added information.

I still have sore memories from the last “mystery watch” fiasco. No thank you.

What’s the point of a mystery watch if the value of it is what I’m paying for it? Wouldn’t I be better off buying a watch I know I like instead? What’s next? Bundles of mystery shirts at full price?

According to the description this is one of the possible watch manufacturers…
Disney Men’s Collectibles

So you may very well end up with a Mickey Mouse watch.

Yeah… After the last sets of mystery watches I got, that’ll be a no!! 2 sets, 1 men’s & 1 women’s… 6 terrible watches!

My thoughts exactly. This is not a deal. Those brands are not exactly mid to high-end either. Big “pass” on this one.

mystery box all over again lol!!! least you know you are getting a watch hahaa a mickey mouse watch…or a woahhh im neo …actually is that the smartphone neo? that may be the best one then but too much risk for me! still paying from the mystery box deal

I’m assuming if I buy this I will get a Goofy watch that fits my 2 year old that I could have purchased at the dollar store. Woot “mystery” purchases have become the dumping ground for product they can’t otherwise move. I won’t be a sucker any longer.

I wouldnt waste my time on any of those Chinese junk quartz watches.

About could be less than you pay for it as well. Makes more sense to choose what you want to buy with your 30 bucks.

Incredible Amounts of No.

Exactly! Three “men’s” watches, two of which would not go on my wrist and I would be ashamed to give a kid. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, though. I did get one decent watch out of it. The picture that went with that sale totally misrepresented what they were selling.

Wow, did Woot and/or wooters learn nothing from the mystery box fiasco a couple weeks ago? I can only hope that today’s offering was already on the books before that and somebody didn’t get the word to pull the plug on this disaster and all future similar disasters that are planned. You can shear a sheep many times, but only skin him once, Woot.

Hahahaha, come on… tell me you don’t want one of these

Anything that says “mystery” from todays Woot is nothing but a joke. Run, don’t walk, from the deal.

Not for sale in Irving

I too was one of the chumps who purchased the last watch mystery bundle. Three pieces of junk even a dollar store wouldn’t stock. No thanks!

I also read the posts regarding the electronics (AKA headphone) mystery box. The general feeling there seemed to be disappointment as well.

get ready for pots and pans with this mystery