Mythological Creatures



love but it would look better on the left (from our POV) than where it is, on the right


What are all the creatures on the alphabet shirt? The picture is too small to read, although I can guess at most of them.


I wish that this sale included totes or a few more of the designs as hoodies. It is still January you know…


I need a dragon zip up hoodie, but there are none.
At least there is sullen :slight_smile:


Yeti & Robot was way better when it was on Heather Grey!


The Original Recycler makes me giggle.


larger image:


What color is the Molten Phoenix printed on? I can’t tell if it’s black or navy, an it doesn’t say in the description…


The color is BLACK. Check 4 lines of text down from the title.


The line that usually says “We call this color xxxxxx.” is missing.


It’s not under the Features tab, it’s next to the shirt image in the “buy now” section, right above the Quantity dropdown. I could be wrong, but it doesn’t seem like they do the “we call this color” thing anymore…


That is correct, they stopped doing that recently.


I wish several of these were hoodies! :\


I wish that they had posters of a few of these.


the sullen one is awesome but placement and size KILLS the shirt. IMHO it would look much better over a shoulder and about 1/2 size. pass.


This was a pleasant addition to an otherwise cruddy week. Thanks, woot. :>


I too want a dragon zip up hoodie please. A Tote would also be nice.

Thank you


AH, I see it now. That is not at all where I was looking for it…I expected the shirt color to be near the ink colors listed…you know, like it used to be…I guess that’s what happens when I stop buying shirts as often. I don’t notice changes right away.


Is there a thread somewhere about how the longsleeve shirts tend to fit ladies? I’m gonna see what searching can provide, but figured I’d ask here, too.

I am wearing the newer ladies large shirt with much room in the waist and not so much in the bust, if that helps anyone provide an equivalent.