MyVu Personal Media Viewer Solo Edition

So, just guessing, the answer is “complete, tremendous dork”.

Why do I still want one? (Although no 5th gen iPod for me, so no Woot.)

I also tried a similar device at Brookstone. For the 15 seconds that I wore it, it was nice. The “screen” is smaller than I expected - it’s kind of like a iPod classic sized screen “in a distance”. I suppose it was arrogant to expect an IMAX screen [=

I would wonder how comfortable these are in the long term (ie: 2+ hours) and if the device is not damaging to your eyes (ie: after watching a movie so long).

This one will not work with any other device, the cables are for the “universal” edition.

Manual for this model:

does it work with iphone?

well at least they’re new. the refurb’d ear pieces would have grossed me out again

Their website offers composite cables - wonder if it’s compatible

Sorry, but that speculation turned out not to be true. Because of various hardware changes, the 30-pin dock connector outputs video differently now. There’s no authentication chip (but this product will still only work on the 5th-generation iPod). Read this article for all the details:

The quality is pretty poor if you want to use it for anything else. The official website says it runs at “QVGA Quality (320x240) resolution.” It also has pictures of some hot girl wearing it but she just looks like a female version of that star trek guy. Quite lame.

I think this is the same model. Im sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong.

Curse my 160GB iPod!

Bottom line, some shit changed and not everything is guaranteed.

Trust me - 5th Gen iPod ONLY. Picture is not very good and appears about the size of a postage stamp at 6 inches. MyVu has several mdels, and this model has the old, dim, small picture “screen”, and is limited to where it will work. It is NOT easily convertible.

Upside: Folks in this Woot! will pay considerably less than those of us who bought this thng a couple months ago on Woot!.

Please do not use this product while slamming doors, closing drawers, or hammering things.

These will only work with 5th gen iPods.

With the newer models Apple put a special encryption chip in it and only a device having a matching decryption chip will work with it. This way, the only way to get video out is to buy a cable from Apple, or from a company that bought the decryption chip from Apple.

It will not, I repeat WILL NOT work with the following:

iPod Classic
iPod Nano
iPod Touch
iPhone 3G

Please don’t waste your money if you have one of these. (I have both a Nano and a Touch, but no woot due to Apple’s greed.)


nar, it don’t work wit’ dis one. It just don’t. Saves you the monies. We all went through this same speculation last time it was offered and MyVu has several models and somewhat misleading advertising/documentation. I’ll sell youse mine, cheap.

No diopter adjustment? You have to have your own prescription lenses made and then mount them in the unit if you wear glasses? Do you need a nose job in order to make it fit your face too?

I just looked at these at Orlando International Airport. I asked the guy working at the gadget store about them and he said MyVu has a 2nd gen version out now, which they also had at the store. He told me this version worked somewhat like a vacuum but the newer version was “pretty sweet.”

Dork who?

So these only work for ipods unless I buy the Universal Cable Pack? The cable pack is half the price of these, if it was included I would buy one.

ive seen the one sharper image is selling for $350. looks like your sitting in a movie theater. i was surprised by how good it looked. the sharper image one had a major flaw. the viewer is too heavy and you have to hold it up with your hand… or else watch it lying down. not sure how well this one works for that price.

YES MST3k!!! Best worst movie ever! I love woot’s censor choices.

I tried them out at a store in the mall, where they were much more expensive.
They’re not glasses-friendly; you can manage to make it work with 'em, but it’s not comfortable. If your vision isn’t too bad, you can probably see the screen without glasses, but mine’s pretty bad and the screen was really blurry. Not sure why, considering the screen appeared to be a few inches in front of my face but was actually less than an inch away.